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  1. To promptly adjudicate chieftaincy cases through chieftaincy tribunals and make pronouncements on matters affecting chieftaincy.
  2. To inquire into, rationalize and document customary law and the lines of succession to the various stools and skins.
  3. To eliminate socially harmful or inhumane customs and practices, and to eliminate or modify outmoded customs and practices to bring them into alignment and harmony with modernity, statutory law and prevailing concepts of civil and human rights, without undermining or compromising the innate wisdom or relevance of these very ancient customs and practices.
  4. To serve as a link between the government and the people, particularly in matters pertaining to or affecting chieftaincy, local administration and development.
  5. To perform any other functions that serve the cause of peace, social cohesion, unity and development.

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The National House of Chiefs was established in 1969 under Article 154 of the 1969 Constitution. The Instrument covering the establishment of the House was enacted on the 17th September, 1971, that is the Chieftaincy Act 1971 (Act 370). The 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana and Chieftaincy Act 2008, Act 759 maintained the House. The House perform research, judicial, administrative, financial and advisory functions to all Chiefs in Ghana through the Regional Houses of Chiefs. 

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